10 Food Nutrients That Can Send Your Libido Soaring

Low libido.

There is nothing worse than having a low libido level . It does not only affect someone physically, the effects can also be emotional and in the long term even mental. Dealing with the issue as quickly as possible averts many problems.

For many people the first solution that comes to mind is Viagra and other libido-enhancing drugs. This is however not the safest solution. A safer and better solution is eating foods that have specific libido enhancing nutrients. These nutrients are easily available, safe and most importantly effective in increasing sex drive. In addition, they also carry other health benefits such as boosting the immune system.

1. Zinc (Men)

Predominantly found in oysters, zinc improves testosterone production. With higher testosterone levels, energy levels go up and consequently sex drive improves. Additionally, zinc helps to boost sperm health and quality and can therefore increase male fertility. Other than oysters, zinc is also found in pumpkin seeds which can be roasted and eaten.

2. Citrulline amino acid (Men and women)

This nutrient is mostly present in watermelon. It helps to relax blood vessels and improve blood circulation especially to sex organs thus allowing better and more enjoyable sex.

3. Phenylethylamine (Mostly women)

If you have been wondering why chocolate and women are so compatible, don’t anymore. Phenylethylamine, a substance found in cacao seeds and thus chocolate, creates a sense of being in love. It excites the body while relaxing it at the same time; the perfect combination for lovemaking.


4. Vitamin B/Folate (Men and women)

It triggers an increased production of sex hormones in both men and women. The best source of this nutrient is asparagus.

5. Capsaicin (Men and women)

This is the substance that makes chillies ‘hot’ and it guarantees the same result in your bedroom. Found mostly in chillies, capsaicin triggers the release of endorphins and causes an increased sense of excitement. To get the full effect, start adding some chillies to your meals.


6. Alicin (Men and women)

Garlic is one of the best known libido-enhancers. It contains a substance called Alicin that increases the flow of blood to sexual organs. If you are worried about the smell, opt for garlic capsules instead of raw garlic.

7. Bromelain enzyme (Men)

Bromelain, found mostly in bananas improves libido and when taken over a long period of time it can prevent and reverse male impotence.

8. Vitamin B6 and B5 (Men)

In addition to fighting stress, these two nutrients also boost male hormone production. They can be found in eggs and avocado.

9. Theobromine (Men and women)

Just like caffeine, theobromine is an alkaloid. It boots energy and causes excitement. You can get it by eating chocolate.

10. Potassium (Mostly men)

Found mostly in bananas, potassium is known for its libido enhancing effects. Avocados also contain potassium.


If all the above fails you can always try other practical changes such as bedroom lighting or seeking a new environment. Coming up with new and wild positions can also do wonders.


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