5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Stop Eating Junk


One of the most frustrating things parents have to go thorough is feeding their kids. As kids grow up, environmental factors and learned habits tend to make them prefer certain foods to others. If a child is used to eating junk, then you have got a big problem in your hands.


Unhealthy eating can lead to early cases of obesity and consequently, the occurrence of weight-related diseases such as diabetes. This is therefore a problem you should deal with urgently before it gets out of hand. Below are handy tips on how to go about it.

1. Identify the source of the problem (When and why)

The first step to any solution is identifying the problem and its root. When did your kid start eating junk? What could be the factors that led to the current problem? Is it stress, peer influence or a bad example from family members? If you identify the factors behind the problem, you will be able to deal with them.

2. Teach your kid why eating junk food is wrong

Do not bark at your child or get angry at him or her; the best way to handle the situation is to calmly explain to the child why eating healthy is important.

3. Do not back down

Even if the kid gets fussy and demands junk food, do not give in. He or she may have to sleep hungry for a night or two but eventually you will win.

4. Do not use junk food as a reward or bribe

This will not do anything to get rid of the problem. You may win, a temporary battle but in the long term, you will have lost; and more importantly, your kid will have lost.

5. As usual, be a good example

Eat together with your kids to show them that healthy food is good. If you have to eat any junk, do so away from them. Additionally, do not store any junk food in the house.


Do not wait until your child becomes obese to follow the above tips; the earlier you get a handle on the issue the better.


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