Fashion Choices That are Dangerous To Your Health


We are centuries away from the days when our ancestors wore sheepskins as clothing. The fashion industry has drastically evolved over the years. From the 60’s and 70’s fashion, new trends continue appearing. Many of us embrace these trends eagerly so as not to be left behind fashion-wise. We browse fashion stores for the latest clothes and accessories. Little do we know that these fashion favourites in our closets could be what is killing us slowly by slowly. If you still disagree, read on and learn some of the health dangers you could be facing due to your fashion choices.

Fashion mistakes


Different people are allergic to different clothes materials and even detergents used in washing the clothes. If you find yourself developing a rash every time you wear a certain dress, get a doctor to check you out. Even some accessories such as those made from nickel could trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Wrong sizes

This is an all too common situation. Ranging from undergarments to trousers and shirts, undersized clothes can be a major health hazard. Tight clothes have been found to hamper with blood circulation and nerve function. They can lead to back pains, muscle dysfunction and reproductive problems especially in men. Tight pants for instance, may lead to the development of yeast infections in women while tight briefs, jeans and biker shorts can reduce sperm production in men.


Undersized shoes, oversized ones and high heels are all health catastrophes. Tight shoes will destroy bone structure and may lead to foot sores. Oversized shoes will lead to a situation where you have to keep clenching your toes. This leads to muscle fatigue and soreness. High heels on the other hand have been known to cause bunions, ankle tendonitis, ankle sprains and hammer toes among other ailments. Even your beloved flip flops can have the same effect as oversized shoes where you will be forced to keep on clenching your toes.

Kids’ clothing

When it comes to dressing your kid, there are so many health aspects you should consider. To be safe, get clothes that are gentle and soft on the skin such as those made from cotton, polyester or satin. Also avoid clothes with zippers, buttons and drawstrings. Zippers can get caught on the skin, drawstrings can get caught while playing and buttons can be swallowed.

Fashion accessories

Your earing could give you a bacterial infection. Women who carry heavy handbags report back and shoulder pains. Hair extensions can lead to baldness while tight braids and ponytails are associated with frequent headaches. The best way to avoid these complications is to note what affects you negatively and find an alternative. As for handbags, experts recommend a weight of no more than 10% of the total body weight.

You can read more on fashion and health in this Wall Street Journal article.


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