Romantic Dinner Gone Awry? Here are Nine Mistakes You Could Have Made

Romantic dinner

You have been planning for it for weeks and you have written down everything that needs to be done down to the minute details. Everything however comes tumbling down and one disaster leads to another. A romantic evening gone awry is an all too common situation. Unfortunately most of us do not learn from our mistakes and as it is bound to, it happens again. To avoid this, have a look at the following nine mistakes you could have made and may make in the future.

1. Lack of adequate preparation

Waiting until the last minute to start preparing everything will most probably lead to a disaster. You should plan all aspects of the evening including food, where to sit and music well in advance. If possible create a checklist to avoid forgetting anything.

2. Wrong foods/drinks

Do not wait until you have to rush your date to the emergency room to know that he or she is allergic to peanuts. Get to know their favourite food beforehand. If possible you can get a professional chef or caterer to help you out in preparing the perfect meal. As for drinks, there are those considered ideal for a romantic evening. Some red or white wine would be perfect. For a more informal dinner, beer would also do. However, ensure that you date is comfortable with alcohol.

3. Overeating

This one may sound embarrassing and maybe even impossible but it happens more frequently than you would expect. Many people blunder by eating too much or the wrong appetiser. The main course and dessert then gets them full and excessively so. Overeating can really hamper a romantic evening especially if there are any plans made for the night. To avoid this, plan your three courses carefully. Start out very light and then serve a fair amount of the main course. For dessert, you may decide to skip it altogether or substitute it for a glass of wine.

4. Lack of a backup plan

You cannot guarantee that nothing will go wrong despite doing everything right. To prevent an unforeseen situation always have a backup plan in mind. For example you can call the nearest restaurant and ask if they have a certain meal in case the one you are preparing turns out bad. When planning for the dinner, think of all the things that could go wrong and create a fall back plan for each of them.

5. Wrong location

A garden is one of the most romantic places to have a blissful dinner. But it can also hold blood-sucking mosquitos and other critters that can bring a good evening to a disastrous end. Choose the location wisely. If possible, opt for a new place where both of you do not frequent often. Don’t worry though if you cannot find a good location, your dining room can still do; you just have to create the right ambience.

6. Wrong ambience

The ambience and atmosphere of a room influences a lot of things. If you really want a romantic evening, then you have to create the perfect atmosphere for it. This includes the lighting, colour, music and other aspects such as wall art. Soft light such as candle light is perfect for a romantic dinner. As for colours and colour patterns, go with ones that are warm but not overpowering. This includes the colours of the tablecloth, the clothes you are wearing and dinnerware.

7. Not dressing up

It may seem stupid to dress up in your own home, but it makes all the difference. Dressing up properly for the dinner makes your partner feel appreciated and loved. It also creates a romantic mood.

8. Distractions

Distractions kill a romantic dinner faster than anything else. Whether it is a phone ringing or a baby crying, keep them away. Switch off all phones and if there are any kids, get them out of the house.

9. Not confirming

Unexpected things come up and plans change; that’s the nature of life. It is therefore important to confirm the plans for dinner with your date a day ahead. Do not wait until the food gets cold on the table to call and ask if the plans are still on.


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