Basic Fashion Guide for College Students

College fashion

It is no secret that today’s youth is so much different from earlier generations. Some aspects, however have changed more drastically than others. One of these aspects is fashion. While older generations were not as experimental and bold in their clothing, today’s generation has pushed every limit. Go to Nairobi University and what will greet your eyes is the sight of guys with low hanging jeans, oversized t-shirts and monstrous looking shoes. The ladies on the other hand make every effort to leave very little to the imagination either by leaving large swathes of skin uncovered or constricting their slender bodies even further with tight clothes. Most college students get everything wrong starting from the footwear to the head.

low hanging

True, college is a once in a lifetime chance to interact with your peers and have your full of partying. But remember that it is also a place where you are moulding your future. It would be a shame to remember the wild college days while wallowing in hardship and poverty. If you really want to grow into the professional you desire to be, then you have to kick your sense of clothing up a notch.

  • Dressing well puts you into a learning state of mind. You have to try this to believe it. When you are dressed professionally, you are likely to learn better. The opposite holds true.
  • Respect from your lecturers is absolutely important. The level of likeability you have with a lecturer can influence your grade. Furthermore you may need to ask for a recommendation from him or her in the future.
  • Prepares you for a successful future. Dressing well immediately sets you apart from many other students. This puts you on a rarely travelled path to success.
  • Networking. Your career starts in college. This is where you meet other like minded peers who can prove useful later on. A professional look also helps you to network with people already successful in their careers such as lecturers.  
  • You might meet your Mrs/Mr right in college. Stories of college sweethearts are many. Dressing like a drug dealer isn’t likely to increase your chances of meeting the love of your life.

Essential fashion rules

College guys

Whether you are a lady or a guy, sticking to the below college fashion rules will benefit you greatly.

  • Do not take dressing for granted, it matters more than you think. Spend a few extra minutes every morning to ensure that you look your best.
  • Resist peer pressure. If you are really preparing yourself to be a leader, you cannot afford to be easily sucked into the ways of your peers. 
  • For guys, do not substitute combing your hair for a baseball cap, unless its a sports weekend. Keep your hair neat and clean. For ladies, avoid wild hair styles that belong to colourful birds. Keeping it simple and stylish is the rule.
  • Guys, trade your shabby and hip clothing with more professional fashion items. For instance a polo shirt is better than a T-shirt while clean dark denim jeans are way better than faded ones with holes at the knees. For ladies, avoid too short and too tight. There are many styles that you can go with which are decent and still stylish.
  • As for footwear, many college guys have gotten into this trend of wearing big monstrous shoes. Avoid this while within official school hours. Go with simple loafers or lace shoes. Sneakers and flip flops are also a no-no for both ladies and guys.

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