Its time for the talk, But what to say?

Son: Hi Dad, can I ask you something?

Dad: Sure son, what is it?

Son: What is a condom?

Dad: Umm…um..Do you smell that? I think the house is on fire.

Son: The house? I think this is called a car, and you are driving too fast.

It may be funny, but for most parents this is one of the most dreaded moments in their fulltime parenting career. Children tend to grow up very quickly and soon they start getting curious about various things such as sex. The environment including television and the internet only help in fuelling the curiosity. Soon you will start finding yourself engaging in awkward conversations with your kids. When the time comes, it is not a good idea to become tongue-tied; you need to provide the answers your kids are looking for. Otherwise they will get the answers (probably wrong ones) from not-so-good sources.

The secret is preparation

To make the conversations easier and less awkward, preparation is paramount. Many parents are caught unawares by their kids’ queries. Use the internet and books to prepare your answers. Unless your kid is a rare genius, the questions will revolve around common topics such a sex and body changes.

Start from an early age

Easing into the touchy topics over a long period of time is also helpful. Instead of waiting for a certain age to tell your kid everything, start telling them little by little from an early age. As they grow older, become more explicit and in-depth.

Do NOT lie or avoid the question

It may seem harmless and enough for the moment but the dangers may last a lifetime. If your young son or daughter asks where babies come from, you will of course not detail the whole sexual encounter. There are answers that are both safe and true for such a tender age.

Kids questions

Protect your kids against negative external influences

The television, magazines and internet are full of wrong information that could mislead your child. Make sure that your kid does not encounter this information. Even the friends your kids acquire should be ‘vetted’ to ensure that they are not a bad influence.

To read examples of the right answers to awkward questions you can visit


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