Dealing With Skin Changes At Different Stages of Life

Skin care

The skin is one of the most complex organs in the human body. It carries out a range of functions to ensure that the body is healthy and functional. At a young age, the skin is usually at a peak performance state. All the components work together perfectly and efficiently. Most importantly, the skin is able to create new cells or regenerate once skin cells have been damaged. As one grows older, various things take place and result in the general degradation of the skin in terms of health and appearance. For one, the regeneration capability lowers. Secondly, the skin loses its turgidity resulting in wrinkling. Below, we take a look at the changes evident in the human skin through a number of consecutive decades of the human life.


a) What is happening to your skin

In the 20s, the skin is at its best. As you get into your 30s, the first signs of aging will start to appear. In the 30 to34 age bracket, many women usually get pregnant. This results in unusually healthy and vibrant looking skin as a result of increased oestrogen and progesterone in the body. The pregnancy may also lead to various marks and blemishes on the body. It is also during the 30s that collagen and elastin which ensure elasticity and turgidity of the skin grow weaker. Fine lines start developing around the eyes and mouth. Puffiness may increase under the eyes. As the skins regeneration ability lowers, you will notice an increased dullness. Stretch marks are also very common.

b) Beauty tips for 30s skin

This is the time you should start paying closer attention to your skin. Visit a dermatologist regularly for advice and checkup. Get a stronger moisturizer that also offers skin protection. To boost exfoliation, use an approved exfoliating product regularly. You should also look for an anti-wrinkle product.


a) What is happening to your skin

This is the age during which the effects of too much sun exposure, smoking and alcohol become visible. The lymphatic system which removes toxins from your body works slower and more ineffectively. This results to more puffiness around the eyes. The skin becomes more vulnerable to damage and hormones such as oestrogen decrease. This leads to less tightness, more sagging and increased wrinkling. More cellulite is deposited around the thighs, buttocks and hips.

b) Beauty tips for the 40s skin

There is no way of reversing the symptom of aging. At this time, your aim should be preventing further damage and aging and keeping the skin looking good. Stop smoking and over consumption of alcohol. Most importantly keep the skin hydrated by drinking water and using moisturizers. You can use skin brighteners to improve the tone and appearance of the skin.

Fifties and over

a) What is happening to your skin

During this decade, the aging process speeds up. The decrease in hormones ages the body even further. Skin pores become larger and wrinkling becomes more pronounced. The skin becomes dry and flaky due to dehydration. Sunspots and age spots occur at the back of the arms and face. The skin also tends to get thinner thus exposing it to more damage caused my ultra violet rays from the sun. The skin sags and looses most of its elasticity and turgidity.

b) Beauty tips for the 50s and above skin

Not many skin care techniques can revert the skin to its youthful beauty. One may decide to go for a full cosmetic surgery which is effective but very risky. At this age, stronger and more frequent skin care methods have to be used. Most importantly, one must prevent any more damage to the skin that will lead to further damage. Avoiding sun exposure at this time is a good idea. a product based on vitamin A retinol can improve skin firming and elasticity. As with other ages, hydration and moisturizing are extremely important. You should also use skin nourishing masks and products.

Ideal skin care should start at an early age. When you invest in a healthy skin from early on, you won’t have to resort to drastic skin rejuvenation techniques. A good diet and regular exercise can also help to create a healthy skin.


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