Healthy Woman; Smiling Will Get you Through The Day

If there is one skill that almost all women have mastered, it is that of faking a smile. Having to deal with so many issues leads to stress which ultimately results in the lack of any real smiles. Basically, smiling becomes just another task to power through.


Unfortunately, faking a smile has been found to have serious health consequences; both physical and mental. As you fake a smile, you are stressing out your facial muscles and you may notice that even wrinkling occurs more quickly. Furthermore, plastic smiles take effort and this may affect your heart and consequently blood pressure.

Smiling makes things better, literally

If you really want to get through the day feeling happy and carefree, try a little more smiling. If you are doubting the power of the curve, here are a few ways it can be of benefit to you;

  • Creates a positive can-do attitude. Smiling sends an all-is-well message to the body thus preparing it to conquer the task ahead. Whether it is that tough office project or the home improvement you need to get out of the way, smiling gives you the energy and morale to do it.
  • It lowers the heat rate thus lowering blood pressure. This is especially beneficial for those who are susceptible to heart and blood pressure problems. Even though smiling will not get rid of the problem, it will keep the worst from happening.
  • Improves social interactions. People are more likely to interact with someone who displays a smile. Smiling builds trust and creates an unspoken friendship. You are therefore able to make more friends and build lasting relationships. It also boosts cooperation at work thus leading to increased productivity.
  • Keeps the face looking younger. Smiling pulls up several facial muscles which contribute to a youthful face.
  • Increased lifespan. Research has conclusively shown that frequent ‘smilers’ have an average lifespan of 79 years. Infrequent ‘smilers’ have a reduced lifespan of 75 years while ‘non-smilers’ cane expect o live for up to 72 years.
  • Reduced stress. Stress has become one of the biggest killers in the world. To avoid being one of the many victims, smiling and laughter is the best medicine. Smiling releases endorphins which aid in lowering stress.
  • Boosting of the immune system and reduction of pain. As you smile, various hormones including endorphins are released. These hormones create a more resilient immune system and have been found to be actual natural painkillers.
  • You will be more successful. Smiling portrays you as a productive easy-going person. This is most likely to earn you a promotion at work. For entrepreneurs, smiling is a key part of meeting and networking with important people. It shows confidence and inspires trust.

It may sound as if smiling is the golden key that will unlock everything good in life; actually it is. However, keeping a real smile on your face for most of the time is not as easy as you think. It takes someone who can see the bright out the dreary and the good out of the bad. It requires you to see the gold nuggets in the mud. Unfortunately not many people can do this. With a little positive change in attitude however, you can easily be the happiest person on earth regardless of your social or financial status.

Next time you are tempted to give someone a fake smile stop yourself and take your mind back to good times, this way it will not be so difficult to muster a smile.


2 thoughts on “Healthy Woman; Smiling Will Get you Through The Day

  1. when i wake up evry morning,i always make sure that i give a broad smile to the first person that i set my eyes on.i just did it as my tradition but now am encouraged to move on and have the reason to do it again and again and now a real one….

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