“The Day after Everyday” & violence against women

This blog post reiterates the message on my earlier post (Violence against women; How far have we come). It is good to see that many people at taking up this fight and ensuring that it is won.

Corporate Skirts

I followed the link shared by one of my ex-colleagues and ended up watching this brilliant short film: The Day after Everyday.

It’s brilliant because it has correctly shown what a woman’s day is like, at home and outside. At the very beginning of the film, we have a man telling the woman to hurry up and make his tea, while he is sitting in another room lecturing her in a loud voice about how women should be seen, not heard and she should not be protesting against eve-teasing because it will only make it worse. He did not think that it was his responsibility to accompany her for her safety or to support her ambition in her own career. No, his solution, to hide his own  impotence, was to instead advise her to stay home, within the four walls. Instead of strengthening her voice, he was trying to silence…

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