Love Matters: Can Long Distance Relationships Last?


‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is a good consolation for those who are far away from their sweethearts. This may be true the first few weeks that you are away from each other but as time progresses, will your heart still yearn for him/her or will new lures beckon? Can a long distance relationship stand the test of time and distance and is it right for every couple? Read on to find out.

I remember when I was away from my Girlfriend for five months; it was literally hell. At first I thought that I couldn’t miss her that much and I did not for the first couple of days. Slowly however, a ‘bad’ feeling started developing in my heart and within a week I knew that I had to see her soon or else….. Unfortunately that was not possible, we thus resorted to spending hours talking on the phone.

Only the strongest survive

One thing about long distances is that they test even the strongest of relationships. We survived those five months and two years later we are still together and going strong. If you are in a relationship for reasons other than genuine love for your partner then you are headed for a very difficult time.

False relationships are based on physical aspects such as outwards beauty and sex. Being away from each other takes away those physical components and then there is nothing left to fight for.

That being the case, even strong relationships can get quite shaken by the lack of face to face contact. Issues of trust become very prominent and if care is not taken, even a simple problem can put an end to the relationship.

Young Relationships Face the Highest Risks

If you have stated dating recently, it will not be easy to carry on the relationship from a long distance. You may not have known each other well enough to build trust. This is however not to mean that if you attempt a long distance relationship things will come crashing down. There are various ways in which you can keep the fire burning even with miles between the two of you.

Surviving an LDRR (Long Distance Romantic Relationship)

1. DTR

Define the relationship before you part ways. This helps to define boundaries such as exclusivity. Also talk about future plans such as one of you relocating later on. Knowing the status of the relationship and where its headed is very important in keeping it alive.

2. Do similar things simultaneously

Face to face relationships are kept strong by partners doing things together. You should try to replicate this in your long distance relationship. For instance, you can watch the same TV show together or take a walk at the same time. Even simple things like eating similar meals ‘together’ can be of great help.

3. Constant communication

This is very crucial if you want to ensure that the relationship survives.  Technology has grown and you can use various communication tools such as email, telephone, Skype or connect on social networks such as Facebook.  Share your feeling honestly and openly, it will draw you closer to each other.

4. Have something to remind you of your partner

A picture or a favourite sweatshirt belonging to your better half can help you keep fond memories alive. You can also send your loved one a postcard or flowers every ones in a while.

5. Trust and assure each other

Trusting that your partner will be faithful to you is important. Without trust, suspicion, control tendencies and jealousy creep in and soon the relationship starts floundering. Furthermore keep assuring your partner that you love him/her.

Lastly, visit often. Do not let the distance carry on for too long otherwise ‘out of sight out of mind’  will apply. Create time to be together even if it is once a month.


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