Girls, are you Wearing the Right Panties? Your Health Depends on it


The choice of underpants is certainly not the most comfortable topic for public discussion. The benefits of knowing how what you wear affects you however supersede any awkwardness that may be experienced.

For most girls, the only thought that goes into choosing what panties to wear is how sexy the  underpants are. The only exception occurs at that time of the month when they have to endured ‘mothers union’ for several days. A bit more than style should be considered when choosing what panty to wear. Aspects such as material and shape matter a lot.

Consider the situation

The key to wearing a healthy panty is considering the situation you are in or expect to be in.

  • When you are going to the gym or for a run, you may want to choose panties made out of sweat-sucking materials such as polyester or nylon. Avoid cotton which soaks up sweat and can cause a rash on the skin. Nylon and polyester on the other hand draw sweat away from the skin thus keeping you cool.
  • For everyday situations like going to the office, cotton is the best choice. Cotton has a very soft texture and it is lightweight which makes it very comfortable. Furthermore, it allows free circulation of air within your nether region thus keeping you fresh all day long.
  • During TOM (time of the month) do not use your regular panties. Nowadays, there are panties that are specially made for women undergoing menstruation though I’m not sure whether they are yet to get to our country. If possible, find multiple layered large panties that are also comfortable. Cotton is a good choice of material during this time. 

Panties to avoid

  • THONGS. Though they may be the sexiest things you own, do not get into a habit of wearing thongs all the time. This is because they increase the chances of bacteria travelling from the anus to your vagina leading to infections. This is especially so during hot weather or when you are exercising. During these times, you sweat a lot.
  • Tight panties. When the panties are too tight they prevent free airflow within your genitals and chances of yeast infection increase. Other than being very uncomfortable, tight panties can also constrict blood flow. 
  • Shared panties. This is a very common habit when many girls live together. Sharing panties increases chances of contracting certain infections from other girls. You may share other clothing items but let your knickers be yours alone.

Wearing Panties vs. Going Commando

Wearing underpants is generally considered to be a much healthier option than going commando. Without panties, it is easy for you to get certain infections especially if it is that TOM.

In Bed, Keep Your panties Off

The only time that going commando is recommended is when you are asleep. Sleeping with panties on can lead to moisture building up around your genitals. This can very easily cause rashes or yeast infection. Additionally, sleeping pantie-less will ensure that you wake up still fresh.


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