Classy Christmas Dress Fashion Ideas (All items locally available online)

Christmas is here and that means everyone coming together starting from the grandparents to the toddlers. A word of warning to the ladies; this is not the time to show off your tasty but wild fashion choices! Rather, opt for a more traditional look. Below are a few ideas taken from various online stores in Kenya. You can find out more about the dresses by clicking the link. The dresses are chosen for their ability to combine a classy approach with a traditional approach. Prices range from 1,000 to 5,000.

Red Floral Lace Skater Dress

Available at Style Connection.

Price: 4,000

Christmas is a season that calls for as much red as possible. Light up the room with this floral lace design. It contains 93% cotton making it super comfortable and easy to wash. The short cap sleeves enhance the traditional effect while also showing off your arms. The added cinched belt at the waist ensures that your curves are not hidden away.

Colourful Maxi Dress with Embellishment

Available at Style Connection

Price: 3,500

For those with a tall curvaceous shape, this dress is the best way to show off those curves without coming across as too provocative. The bold print creates a pop perfect for a joyous occasion. The high V neckline balances perfectly with the sleeveless arms.

TUTI Red Stylish Polka Dot Dress

Available at Jumia Kenya

Price: 2,199’t this dress just scream Christmas? Everything from the multicolored polka dots to the dark and red stripes at the bottom shout out the Christmas spirit. The round neck maintains the traditional outlook of the dress with the capped sleeves adding to a sense of style. For your curvy needs, there is a belt included.

DAPHNEA Red Tie And Dye Mini Dress

Available at Jumia Kenya

Price: 1,999

This must be the sexier version of the Father Christmas outfit. The red and white patterns combine perfectly to create a stunning christmasy look. A round neckline, 100% cotton and fastening buttons. Its a mixture of fashion and comfort at its most perfect. ideal for travelling upcountry.

J’adore Embellished Skater Dress

Available at Jumia Kenya

Price: 4,500

Who does this dress remind you of? Michelle Obama, right? No? Maybe you have been watching too much local television.

If you think you can pull a Michelle look, try this stunning Lime dress at only 4.5k shs. Everything from the color to the shape and the embellishments around the neck portray taste and class. If you want to wow everyone this Christmas, this is it.


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