Love Matters: Can Long Distance Relationships Last?

‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is a good consolation for those who are far away from their sweethearts. This may be true the first few weeks that you are away from each other but as time progresses, will your heart still yearn for him/her or will new lures beckon? Can a long distance relationship stand the test of time and distance and is it right for every couple? Read on to find out. I remember when I was away from my Girlfriend for five months; it was literally hell. At first I thought that I couldn’t miss her that … Continue reading Love Matters: Can Long Distance Relationships Last?

Essential Premarital Counselling Topics

Divorce statistics are at an all time high with researchers suggesting that half of all marriages end up in divorce and even half of the 50% that remains married are unhappy. This saddening trend has led to renewed efforts to ensure that every couple goes through premarital counselling before saying their vows. Premarital counselling has been shown to greatly reduce the chances of divorce in a marriage. This is because crucial and touchy issues are laid bare and discussed beforehand during counselling. Counselling helps to determine each other’s values, goals and beliefs and helps you to harmonize and where necessary … Continue reading Essential Premarital Counselling Topics

Romantic Dinner Gone Awry? Here are Nine Mistakes You Could Have Made

You have been planning for it for weeks and you have written down everything that needs to be done down to the minute details. Everything however comes tumbling down and one disaster leads to another. A romantic evening gone awry is an all too common situation. Unfortunately most of us do not learn from our mistakes and as it is bound to, it happens again. To avoid this, have a look at the following nine mistakes you could have made and may make in the future. 1. Lack of adequate preparation Waiting until the last minute to start preparing everything … Continue reading Romantic Dinner Gone Awry? Here are Nine Mistakes You Could Have Made

10 Food Nutrients That Can Send Your Libido Soaring

There is nothing worse than having a low libido level . It does not only affect someone physically, the effects can also be emotional and in the long term even mental. Dealing with the issue as quickly as possible averts many problems. For many people the first solution that comes to mind is Viagra and other libido-enhancing drugs. This is however not the safest solution. A safer and better solution is eating foods that have specific libido enhancing nutrients. These nutrients are easily available, safe and most importantly effective in increasing sex drive. In addition, they also carry other health … Continue reading 10 Food Nutrients That Can Send Your Libido Soaring