“The Day after Everyday” & violence against women

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I followed the link shared by one of my ex-colleagues and ended up watching this brilliant short film: The Day after Everyday. It’s brilliant because it has correctly shown what a woman’s day is like, at home and outside. At the very beginning of the film, we have a man telling the woman to hurry up and make his tea, while he is sitting in another room lecturing her in a loud voice about how women should be seen, not heard and she should not be protesting against eve-teasing because it will only make it… Continue reading “The Day after Everyday” & violence against women

Discovering Your Child’s Gift and Nurturing It

Parenting is really the noblest yet toughest job in the world. A parent has to be everything to a child; the loving one, the stern one, the provider, the comforter and many more job descriptions. All these aspects of parenting are aimed at nurturing these little bundles of joy to become successful and responsible adults. Most parents do excellently well in many parenting aspects; the problem comes in when you are told that you have a responsibility to discover and nurture talents in your kids. The first thought many get is, “How are his grades?”, “Is she excelling in mathematics … Continue reading Discovering Your Child’s Gift and Nurturing It

Violence against Women; How Far Have We Come?

As the world prepares to celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25 and the subsequent 16 days of activism, a situation in Busia County has called into question the progress of women rights in the country. The story of a 16-year old girl gang-raped and thrown into a pit latrine has sent up fervent calls for justice. In addition to the extensive emotional and psychological trauma the girl is undergoing, the attack has also left her confined to a wheel chair due to a spinal injury. She also has had to deal with … Continue reading Violence against Women; How Far Have We Come?

Dealing With Skin Changes At Different Stages of Life

The skin is one of the most complex organs in the human body. It carries out a range of functions to ensure that the body is healthy and functional. At a young age, the skin is usually at a peak performance state. All the components work together perfectly and efficiently. Most importantly, the skin is able to create new cells or regenerate once skin cells have been damaged. As one grows older, various things take place and result in the general degradation of the skin in terms of health and appearance. For one, the regeneration capability lowers. Secondly, the skin … Continue reading Dealing With Skin Changes At Different Stages of Life

Healthy Woman; Smiling Will Get you Through The Day

If there is one skill that almost all women have mastered, it is that of faking a smile. Having to deal with so many issues leads to stress which ultimately results in the lack of any real smiles. Basically, smiling becomes just another task to power through. Unfortunately, faking a smile has been found to have serious health consequences; both physical and mental. As you fake a smile, you are stressing out your facial muscles and you may notice that even wrinkling occurs more quickly. Furthermore, plastic smiles take effort and this may affect your heart and consequently blood pressure. … Continue reading Healthy Woman; Smiling Will Get you Through The Day

Basic Fashion Guide for College Students

It is no secret that today’s youth is so much different from earlier generations. Some aspects, however have changed more drastically than others. One of these aspects is fashion. While older generations were not as experimental and bold in their clothing, today’s generation has pushed every limit. Go to Nairobi University and what will greet your eyes is the sight of guys with low hanging jeans, oversized t-shirts and monstrous looking shoes. The ladies on the other hand make every effort to leave very little to the imagination either by leaving large swathes of skin uncovered or constricting their slender … Continue reading Basic Fashion Guide for College Students

Its time for the talk, But what to say?

Son: Hi Dad, can I ask you something? Dad: Sure son, what is it? Son: What is a condom? Dad: Umm…um..Do you smell that? I think the house is on fire. Son: The house? I think this is called a car, and you are driving too fast. It may be funny, but for most parents this is one of the most dreaded moments in their fulltime parenting career. Children tend to grow up very quickly and soon they start getting curious about various things such as sex. The environment including television and the internet only help in fuelling the curiosity. … Continue reading Its time for the talk, But what to say?

Essential Premarital Counselling Topics

Divorce statistics are at an all time high with researchers suggesting that half of all marriages end up in divorce and even half of the 50% that remains married are unhappy. This saddening trend has led to renewed efforts to ensure that every couple goes through premarital counselling before saying their vows. Premarital counselling has been shown to greatly reduce the chances of divorce in a marriage. This is because crucial and touchy issues are laid bare and discussed beforehand during counselling. Counselling helps to determine each other’s values, goals and beliefs and helps you to harmonize and where necessary … Continue reading Essential Premarital Counselling Topics